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Going Cellular January 27, 2011

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I tell you, I just discovered the wonders of Android and boy am I a happy camper, like a kid in a candystore. I know there’s so much to be learned and I revel in the joys of discovery with this new toy. I am just a newbie, so don’t call me an expert of any sort. Being on a tight budget, I went with the Huawei and I’m thrilled! Here’s a review of it.
Of course, there are countless other phones that are useful and fun and market tested and loved. It’s just that this is a new thing for me, so that’s why I’m so excited!

Biometrics April 14, 2008

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Big brother is watching you. In this modern day and age, where you are not part of
the human race if you don’t walk around with a bluetooth or cell phone attached
to your ear, we are finding more and more ways to use technological advances
to serve us. And one of these is in the measure of security. In past decades when entering
a building that was considered secure you would press a buzzer perhaps, enter a lobby
where there was a security guard and show your identification. Identification like a driver’s license.
Nowadays you might own a magnetic badge. But if the building you are entering is using
top of the market technology you will press your finger on a radar scanner and be identified
by your thumbprint.
Biometrics is the science of identifying an individual based on highly unique characteristics,
such as retina, thumbprints or even DNA.
As in the film “A Scanner Darkly” we truly are living an age of survelliance and borderline paranoia.
With biometrics comes the risks of storing such information, as well as in obtaining the correct
information. Did you know that you could be identified based on the way you type on your keyboard?
Neither did I, but I just found out that is known as keystroke dynamics. Hand geometry is based on photographing a person’s hand and that hand is analyzed for it’s anatomical uniqueness. Humm…
So, we know that everyone has hands. Did you ever consider you could be identified by your hand?
Fingerprinting has been around a long time. But, with advanced technologies your finger print can be micro-analyzed. Wow. Facial geometry has been used in the past, as in when crime suspects are lined up and identified as potential criminals based on their looks. This is not too complicated.

But, look even closer and you can identify someone thru their eyes. Specifically iris recognition.
Dr. John Daugman created mathematical algorhythms to measure varying characteristics of one’s iris.
These formulas were patented in 1944. In the iris alone there are over 400 distinguishing “degrees of freedom” (DOF) that can be quantified and used to identify an individual. Retinal scan identification is based on the blood vessel patterns foundon the back of the retina in one’s eyes.

One defect in these highly sophisticated systems pointed out by Matthew Lewis of London based
Information Risk Management is the biometric data isn’t encrypted between the biometric scanner and the processing server. However, with more research that little problem could be taken care of and we could live in a secure and free world.
One company called Precise Biometrics is now developing and marketing a new product called
The Precise BioMatchâ„¢ Flex Toolkit, which includes a Match-On-Card where fingerprints are stored
and matched on one card.

So, next time you watch a spy thriller think of the ways your identity is recognized.


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